My new purchase is Powerful Vibrator

Today I want to talk about my newly purchased toy. This time I bought a masturbator for female.

Obviously that’s not for me. That’s for my girlfriend. I haven’t bought any toys for her in the past few months,so she deserves it.

I purchased it at online store again. When I purchased Venus masturbator 2 months ago, they helped me choosing which masturbators to buy, so I went back to them and purchased another toy. Besides, they have unique Japanese toys which I don’t see on any other online stores. (By the way, I still use Venus masturbator once or twice a week, sometimes my girlfriend use it on me, and it’s an amazing sleeve!!)

Here is what I bought. It’s a vibrator called Powerful Vibrator. What a name, huh? I liked the name, also the price wasn’t too bad, and it was made in Japan. Since it was made in Japan, I thought the quality would be good, or at least not bad.

I received the vibrator, opened the box, and put batteries in and turned it on. I was wondering, with a little doubt, how powerful the vibration would be. The name of it is “Powerful Vibrator”, so it can’t be okay vibration power.

Let me tell you, I’m very satisfied with its vibration power. It has only hi and low power setting, and low power is actually enough to make my girlfriend cum. Oh my girlfriend loves it.

This Powerful Vibrator is actually a very simple toy. Straight shaft and 2 vibration power setting. The shaft is made of rubber material which isn’t too soft but still soft. No bad smell or anything. As you know, there are many super expensive vibrators these days, some of them are over $100. I can’t imagine paying over $100 for vibrator….. well maybe I pay that kind of money for my girlfriend’s birthday, but other than that, I would not pay $100 on sex toys. This Powerful Vibrator was only $19.99 plus shipping, and it works pretty good. Very strong vibration and made in Japan for God sake. It’s not made of silicone or doesn’t come with fancy functions like shaft rotation or 5 different vibration patterns, but for toys like this, simple is the best. Less function means less trouble. I’m sure this toy will last for a very long time. It’s made in Japan….haha, I know I said it again. I like made in Japan. I love Sony. I wish Sony made sex toys.

Anyways, I would recommend this Powerful Vibrator to anyone. It’s a very solid toy and power is more than enough. I and my girlfriend are very satisfied.


Found this Venus maturbator YouTube video very interesting.

Yesterday, I talked about an incredible masturbation toy called Venus masturbator. As I watch many YouTube videos every day, I searched for Venus, and of course I found some. I thought this vid was interesting.

Fleshlight masturbator vs Venus masturbator

Fleshlight masturbator is a sex toy for men. I know many men have them. How do I know? The manufacturer “Fleshlight” has been growing rapidly big time in the recent years, and that’s how I know it. I forgot the exact number, but they have sold incredibly large numbers of their products last year.

When I read reviews of Fleshlight masturbators, most men are very satisfied with them. “Next best thing”. That’s how most men describe about Fleshlight mastubators. It’s obvious that Fleshlight is dominating this part of the market right now. In case you wonder, yes I have several Fleshlight masturbators, each one has different texture inside the hole. And yes, I love them all.

But a few months ago, I read about Venus masturbator on, and they said Venus masturbator was the best masturbator they have used. As soon as I read that, I became very curious about Venus masturbator.  I have never heard of the name before.

It turned out to be a Japanese masturbator. I’ve seen Meiki masturbators before, but I have never tried them because, 1. I was happy with my Fleshlight and 2. those Japanese toys are expensive. I didn’t want to spend $70 plus shipping on something I didn’t know much about.  Venuse is only $47.99 plus shipping, and it was reviewed by one of my favorite reviewers, so I ordered Venus masturbator    It seems to be that they are the only retailer who carries Venus.

I received my lovely and heavy Venus masturbator in a few days. It isn’t as long as Fleshlight but it is thick.  Texture inside is something I’ve never seen before. Really complex and realistic.

How did I like Venus? Well, well, just like the reviewer said, I have to say Venus is better than Fleshlight. It is absolutely incredible. People say that the Fleshlight is “next best thing”, and I tell you that Venus is “as good as real thing”, possibly better.

Hope this post will help those who are interested in Venus but can’t make up their minds whether or not they should buy.